Responsibility claim for arson attacks from Revolutionary Groups for the Dispersion of Terror /Conspiracy Cells of Fire on 10/10 and 12/10-12 Athens -Greece

Act for freedom now!/ we receives and transmits:

Translated by the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of  Cells οf  fire


Responsibility claim for arson attacks

Much time has passed between yesterday and today but more on this unfortunate yet noble land, fertilized by an assortment of swollen corpses and blood; barren, no perfect virgin flower crafted from spirituality and purity germinates today.
The modern capitalist realm, with its many negatives, gives one real advantage: every day it gives birth to dozens  of new reasons for acting against it, to destabilize its infrastructures and hit its foundations aiming at its final collapse. Boredom, alienation, depression, poverty, misery …: all aspects of the same reality. The same boring daily repetition that erodes individuality  and turns human relationships into something secondary, something much less important than the “opportunities” provided to climb to the highest levels of economic and social hierarchy.
Speaking for those who may not be doing so well in rising above the afore-mentioned hierarchy, we should first grapple with the modern slave. His characteristics are the fake smile,  threadbare ideals and voluntary submission. He is the average person in the era of capitalist dominion. The modern masses are composed of empty personalities that are  trying to gloss the instability of their existence with artificial materialist needs. This befuddled majority does not do anything other than engage in “carrot hunting.” Everyone is willing to step over corpses with the sole purpose of acquiring  social prestige. Equipped only with self-interest and looking after their own skins, they choose to commit themselves to building  a successful career, waiting – and in many cases even asking – for the state to maintain peace, order and security. There is also the mob, the “sediment”, the downtrodden, the damned and the marginals. Without the low social class being necessarily a common feature of the above, poverty forces them either into apathy and navel-gazing or delinquency.
 Finally, we have “people who struggle” that take part in various political apparatuses and are employed, almost exclusively, in increasing the number of their followers. While being consumed in politicking events, they forget to be even slightly dangerous to the existing political and economic model. They end up being no different at all from the politicians of the system in parliament. Bear in mind that combativeness is not deterministically a product of social and economic circumstances as some anarcho-fathers rush to highlight repeatedly. Instead, it is mostly a matter of personal choice. We, the delinquent, do not perceive the meaning of class as a unitary and indivisible social body which owes its consistency to some internal financial interest. What connects the fighters, the insubordinates, the unintegrated – ie our class unity –  the dignity of each one of us and the comradeship between us.
We are the unruly ones that are constantly walking among the undisturbed.
After decades of the progress of capitalism to shape the social model that we have described, an explosive environment consisting of a fertile ground from the underlying instability of the “order of things” has now been established. We have countless thoughts about this. But as anarchists of praxis we prefer to express ourselves through our actions. We’re the ones who attacked the supermarket chain AB Vassilopoulos at the junction of Laodikias and Nymphaeus street with incendiary devices on Wednesday 10/10 and the branch of the postbank at the junction of Panormou and Achaia Street on Friday 12/10. We are the ones who day and night walk around the streets looking for vibrant life. With our actions we seek the disintegration of public life, the overthrow of all social relationships. Our revolutionary appetite is our life. We are urban guerrillas because fire seduces us. We do not hesitate to live beyond the limit of the laws of the state and society. Relentlessly aggressive, we are the dynamic for a different reality.
 Our target is everything that becomes an obstacle in our desire to live free. We want to beat the cops that are patrolling the city and burn (again) their cars (their police cars and their private ones). To burgle and [?blow up] the house of the politician, the journalist, the bank manager and the supporting staff inside it. We want to break the bones of the fascist from the assault battalions. To burn the malls and supermarkets. To attack any company associated with the construction, maintenance and manning of the “immigrants’ reception centers”, of the white cells (at Korydallos or elsewhere) and prisons generally. To blow up any public service. At the next march we want to wear balaclavas  and riot, write slogans on the walls. Most of all, though, we will not rest until we tear out the guts of every guard of humans with our own hands and tear down the last wall that imprisons our brothers and sisters anywhere in the world.
The war we have chosen does not begin or end in the “battlefield”, at the moment of impact. Our goal  is erosion, our allie chaos. Our enemy the disposal of control, hetero-definition and condescension. The only reason for retreating is the choice of a different time and space to attack. This means hundreds of multiple ways until the elimination of subservience. The things we are pursuing make us who we are. We arm fire and the axe with words and, before a world of a revolutionary pleasure, the only thing to lose is boredom


We wholeheartedly salute the mates from the Insurrectional Cell Mariano Sanchez Añon (CI-MSA), the Wolfpack in Russia, and the Cholera Cell as well as the Cell of Conspirators for the Extension of Chaos in Buenos Aires. We hope to hearing from you soon!
We raise our fist to each one imprisoned in the cells of democracy that is present, faithful to his word and revolutionary self-determination. Not a single day passes without thinking of you.
Always determined to move against all those who want to see us chained and muzzled. We are dangerous because we are flexible.
International Revolutionary Front
Conspiracy Cells of Fire
Revolutionary Groups for the Dispersion of Terror
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Responsibility Claim attack from Fires the Horizon on 24/9/12 – Athens – Greece


Act for freedom now!/ we receives and transmits:

Translated by the  imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire


Responsibility Claim from Fires the Horizon

We do not want anything to do with those who from their armchairs renounce the violent counter attack against the capitalists who are protected by the murderous weapons of the police while striking miners die of hunger. (…)
Are they not the ones that deprive us of food, blackmailing us with hunger or exploitation?
And someone cries out: “it is necessary to produce!”
The only thing we produce is our chains. The only criminals are the bosses!
Bruno Filippi
 The attack continues …
… and the repression … is upgraded without hesitating to advertise it. And since Dendias (minister of public order ) discovered that the “limited use of chemicals” is expensive and dangerous for world opinion, or anyway not as effective as he would like, he manned water pumps for the demonstrations and shouted it aloud. And naturally the slimy subhumans of the media rushed to publicize it in every way, meticulously concealing the arson of a company that imports and sells security and control systems, at dawn on Monday at  Solomou Street 7  Halandri.
But repression is not only the violence of the cops, it is also the thousands of cops, that for years now, have been sown by power in the minds and souls of so many people throughout the social fabric – and this is its great victory. From the guys who impersonate heroes risking their lives to save the banks’ money to all those who abstain, renounce or oppose insurrectionary violence. A fact that was obvious in the strike on September 26 with the vast majority of the world evidently abstaining from collisions having, rather, the impression that by rumbling their peaceful corpses the State will have pity on them and give them back their lost prosperity. To all of them we have to say one thing: that the struggle against the regime is violent and as such from it should be developed from the base to be victorious.
Social control and the safety culture
And as long as the indiscreet eyes and ears of the state have invaded almost every aspect of the social complex to monitor and manage all social activity, the safety culture has imbued the neurons of society transforming its subjects – oppressed and not, “progressives “,”radicals “, peaceable and conservatives – into loathsome leeches stuck on the values of today’s world. And at this point it legitimates and develops the ideology of security and the whole techno-industrial complex of control and repression that has masters, associates and supporters … for us all of them are enemies. Its attack through capital is not limited to the full subjugation of human and the total destruction of nature, mutated foods, industrial development, killing and torture of animals is the minimal representation of its violent extension. Both the managers of repression from inside their offices, the eager performers of repressive duties -either cops, security guards, human guards or whatever employed in the field of repression – as all those with or without recompense, enhance with technical knowledge, technology systems and equipment, and generally contribute materially or morally to the complexity of repression and control, are targets. In other words, we hate this ideology of necrophilia, its culture and the people who stand for it and we want to target all the hierarchal layers. We want to see the dealers (big and small) of control stabbed, their shops burned to ashes, the companies blown up, maggoty copfriends and fascists with broken teeth after an attempt to impose order and the suspicious deathly quietness that they fantasize about. We want to see the world of order burned beneath the sweeping attacks of those that have chaos shining in their eyes.
But because will and desire goes with the attempt at their realization, we have moved from words to action.
We destroyed with joy the company Transam Trading Co Ltd, at Halandri which offers to trade any kind of high technology  safety and control systems, specializing in various types of high-tech cameras and X-ray systems to scan packages-parcels etc.
Repression does not scare us, it arms us
the best means for the rupture of repression and control are intensification, persistence and the upgrading of the political struggle for the destabilization and destruction of power and capitalism. It is imperative to develop communities of struggle that through their processes will unite and attack the brutality of the state with the way that they choose each time. From dynamic encounters with the cops, destruction and looting of capitalist infrastructures and combatant safeguards aimed at avoiding the arrest and beating of fighters in the street, the development and diffusion of sharp subversive words to face to face attacks on all sorts of our enemies  and conspiratorial direct actions with sabotage, arson, explosions and any other means offered by revolutionary history and imagination. It is equally important to develop infrastructures of solidarity and mutual support as well as useful strategies to avoid attacks from the enemies and become more effective against them.
Guerrilla groups everywhere!
We stand by the fighting captives in prison – Instant satisfaction of their requests
We want to send our undivided love and solidarity to Anarchists Tsilianidi Babis, Dimitri Dimtsiadi, Socratis Tzifka
To the proud members of R.O.C.C.F and to the anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos
Let the upcoming trials become another cause for dynamic attacks against the structures of domination.
We stand by the comrade Taso Theofilou and the other anarchists accused of involvement in R.O.C.C.F  and deny participation.
We stand by the fugitive urban guerrillas  R.S Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, and by Costas Gourna.
We stand by the unrepentant rebel of N17 Dimitris Koufodinas.
We welcome the execution of three cops of the municipal police in Mexico by insurrectionary Cell Mariano Sanchez Anion-Informal Anarchist Federation.
Solidarity to all the anarchists and insubordinate prisoners in Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Chile, the U.S. and everywhere that resistance to capitalist barbarism is developed.
Informal Anarchist Federation – Fires on the Horizon
We regret that at the strike we did not meet with the tough “assault battalions” of Golden Dawn, despite the fact that they had announced that they would be present, the party would have been great. Fellow Greetings  to the antifascist patrols.
Solidarity with all those arrested during the strike on September 26.
* The excerpt is in reality a Greek variation of Bruno Filippiʼs words in “Dynamite Speaks” (“Parla la dinamite”); see
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Barcelona: Solidarity with the cases of Revolutionary Struggle and Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece

from: contrainfo

Solidarity with the hostages – Revolutionary Struggle and Cells of Fire – Greece

Repression will not stop us – Solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle – We shall not forget Lambros Foundas


Receiving the echo of the solidarity call for the Revolutionary Struggle case, we unfurled banners at three different points in the city of Barcelona on the 22nd and 23rd of November.
Solidarity with the accused and prosecuted in the cases of Revolutionary Struggle and Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.
Solidarity with all imprisoned fighters in the world! Fire to the prisons!
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C.C.F. trial update, Sessions 6,7, and 8.

Act for freedom now/boubourAs receives and translate:


 Sessions 6 and 7, on Monday 5/11 and 12/11 respectively, did not take place because of the strike from the lawyers.
Session 8, Monday, 19/11/12.
Before the session began, Gerasimos Tsakalos read out the following announcement of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire:
“Because silence is not gold and often it carries with it confusion, we want to clarify something as anarchist urban guerillas who participate in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. We do not intend to speak or excuse our actions to marionettes of the system which hide their cowardliness behind their juridical axiom.
You judge in the name of the law and we act in the name of our anarchist conscience. You chose as your truth a society whose memorials are prisons, banks police stations, ministries and courts and we a world of dignity, free conscience, anarchist insurrection and genuine meanings and desires.
There are no margins for comparison, or dialogue. There is only the armed clash between the inquisitors and courtiers of the existing society and its deniers. Just like Prometheas, we steal the fire of your empire and with audacity and impudence we unleash it against you so it can torch all the idols of authority you represent. We will not act in your little play neither do we fit in your legal frames.
The pages of your indictment seem very small to fit the and describe the size of the attack we want to unleash against the regime of democracy and the society of its subjugated. Keep plenty of pages empty in the indictments and charges because the struggle has not finished, neither will we as a Conspiracy ever surrender our weapons. There are still desires which were not imprisoned, eyes which did not fear the enemy, mouths which did not speak the language of compromise, heads which did not bow towards the empire of authority…
No sentence and no prison will make us change our choice. The choice of constant attack remains until the end… As for our presence in court, we refuse to appear as disciplined and subdued accused who await the decision of their judges.
We don’t care what you say and we cannot even see you… Because however in this trial, other people are accused who had, and neither could have had any relation with the C.C.F., in every session some comrades of us will be here to interrupt the slightest possibility of confusion which could be created…
This is why, at this point we stress to all, friends and enemies, lawyers and accusers, to limit themselves to the legal sector which is attributed to them and there should be no reference to the C.C.F. The only people who can speak about the C.C.F. are us and the anarchists of praxis who have felt the breathe of the insurrected fire warming their covered faces, as they walk against their time, against the path of the mass…
Conspiracy Cells of Fire”
Immediately after comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos made the following statement:
“All decisions, when about freedom, close death inside them. We, through this death must win life. A deep breath for the journey with no end
In Pefki there was an armed clash between two anarchists and the forces of the police.
Its two dogs, Leontopoulos and Drosos tried to arrest me and my comrade. Our answer was the refusal of surrender through armed resistance aiming at retaining our freedom, which we highly appreciate as anarchists.
The result is known, my comrade escaped by stealing the cop car and I was arrested while injured. Together with me were injured both cops which I shot first managing to surprise them. No doubt, if the cops died and me and my comrade were unharmed, we would have left.
Irrelevantly from the fact that my operational priority was disengagement and escape, it would be my honour if at the same time I had the blood of the two cops on my hands, not only because they tried to arrest me, but simply because they are cops.
Every cop as an immediate carrier of authority, for whatever reason they became a cop, is a live target for an anarchist armed revolutionary. Politicians, mega-journalists and mega-businessmen, snitches, fascists, representatives of the cloth, correctional officers and of course you the judges, as well as every other pillar or lackey of the system, are always in the target of the urban guerillas.
The generalized attack against the existing, of course, becomes more complete when all means are used. Stones and molotov, fly-posting and flyers, slogans, texts, demonstrations and p.a. Sound system gatherings, bombs and bullets.
In the frames of the multiform anarchist action and specifically those of armed struggle, I also had the honour to meet the nihilist urban guerillas of the Anarchist Revolutionary Organization C.C.F. In the houses in Volos and Kallithea, I was not present loosely as a comrade.
I was a factual part of the intriguing against the rotten world of authority. I had consciously made my passage through to revolutionary clandestinity together with other comrades unknown to you, as well as with the wanted brothers Giannis Mihailidis and Dimitris Politis.
Target of each one was to spread anarchy to today at the expense of authoritative society. This target remains a continuous bet even for all those of us who are in prison, since we are unrepentant for our choices and the battles we gave and give as anarchists of praxis.
Because we got sick of the routine, the inhibitions and the cheap way of life they are trying to serve us. Because we got disgusted with the perceptions of subordination, ass kissing, snitching and the hunt for social and economic advancing.
Because we hated every authoritative worm that wants to steal our lives and finally because we wanted to take our lives into our own hands in the here and now and we declared the anarchist war.
Through this war we discover ourselves every day, together with the anarchist thoughts we create and open new prospects of attack.
 We fight against the existing because that’s the only way we exist. The clash at Pefki began as an random identity check and concluded with an, not at all random, battle of free people with the forces of order, anarchy with authority, and more proof that the “almighty enemy” has flesh and bones and is mortal.
It was a battle, a conscious choice for which I am proud and sure that if I could go back in time I would do it again. Besides, the most powerful weapon for a insubordinate anarchist of action is non other than their conscience. For the battles given and that will be given.
Until the complete destruction of the existing and the structure of anarchy, the war continues…”
After these statements, the members of the C.C.F. and Theofilos Mavropoulos left the room and only two members remained to overlook the procedure, as they just explained in their statement. The procedure began with the chairwoman asking questions and asking the “accused” to make statements concerning the indictment.
The members of the Conspiracy refused to speak, without exercising the right to remain silent, but without recognizing the procedure as they have mentioned in the past. Followed the matter of joint trying the three cases (in this trial the comrades are cited with three different indictments).
All the lawyers were for the demand except for the two people who are accused of misdemeanours irrelevantly to the Conspiracy. The prosecutor agreed on the matter and asked for the two cases of misdemeanours to be cut and brought to a responsible court.
The trial continued with a verbal information of the objections that will follow from the side of the advocates while after that the chairwoman announced the schedule for the next sessions and adjourned until Friday 23/11.
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On 8/10/12 in the court martial of the Female prisons of Koridallos began the trial for the cases of the parcel bombs, the arrests on 4/12/2010, the arrests in the houses in N.Ionia (Volos) and Holargos on 14/3/2011 and the armed clash in Pefki which had as a result the arrest of Theofilos Mavropoulos on 18/5/2011.
It is a court martial which will sentence our comrades to many years of prison making obvious that the dogma of zero tolerance includes everyone. First all who attack the system causing cracks to normality and then all those resist the capitalist brutality with any other means.
Our solidarity to the comrades-members of the Anarchist Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire FAI/IRF is a given as well as to the anarchists who are persecuted without having anything to do with the organization.
We consciously stand at the side of the anarchists who fight for the destruction of the state and capital, who fight for the individual and collective freedom.
We raise flaming fists to the guerillas who tear down the bars and walls of prison with their speech -and not only- who escape from apathy and inactivity, from subjugation and misery and continue…
 Transated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now
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International Conspiracy for Revenge – FAI/IRF takes responsibility for arson of a school in Manado (Indonesia)

School burns during the week of solidarity action for Eat and Billy, called by theInternational Conspiracy for Revenge.
325 receives and transmits:

On 11 of November 2012, covered by the night and with desires of revolutionary solidarity to the imprisoned anarchists from around the world, we burnt one state elementary school in Paniki, Manado. We salute our action to all of our brothers and sisters from Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front(FAI – IRF).
Maybe, many of the comrades will be asking why we put a fire in a school? It’s a simple answer.
First, school is a prison. And there’s no other excuse to defend the school and write it out from the list of targets of revolutionary actions. In school, we can’t learn about freedom, bravery, uniqueness and revolutionary solidarity. We learn nothing but the situation of society that imposes on our dignity as a human being.
We dedicated our action to remember our brothers, Eat and Billy who are still jailed by the state. Also, through this action we want to send our revolutionary greetings to Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, members of Conspiracy of Cells of FireTheofilos MavropoulosGabriel Pombo da SilvaMarco Camenisch, members of Revolutionary Struggle and the
imprisoned anarchist in Chile and Bolivia. To Luciano Tortuga and Mario Tripa Lopez, we send you revolutionary hugs to both of you.
This action is part of our issue of Direct Action for one week to remember our brothers who are imprisoned by the state, the struggle against state, capital and society.

Never step back,
Never unarmed,
Never bow,

For anarchy
For the black international

International Conspiracy for Revenge (ICR)
Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front (FAI – IRF)

-Notes on the action:
The fire started at around 9pm. The entire school was burned out. 322 children now have a lot of free time without state education. There was not a single casualty. Following the previous ICR action in Manado on 5th November, the police organised a meeting specifically to discuss the situation, where media were not allowed inside to hear the proceedings. They are presumed to have decided on a policy of denial, to attempt to suppress the information about the attacks. Hence, the previous explosive device in Manado was declared only to be an “empty suitcase” mistaken for a bomb, and the arson of this school declared as an “electrical short-circuit”.
Mainstream media:


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ICR – FAI/FRI issue an International Call for Direct Action (Indonesia)



325 receives and transmits:

Dear comrades and companerxs of Informal Anarchist FederationInternational Revolutionary Front (FAI – IRF) from around the world, to all the rebels who still rise against the power, society and eco-disaster.
We, the International Conspiracy for Revenge, Indonesian section of FAI-IRF want to make an international call of direct action against all property and symbols of society, eco-destroyers, fascists, military and our enemies. This international call in the beginning is to remember the abduction of our two brothers from Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI Indonesia, Eat and Billy, by the state one year ago. One year of kidnap and harassment of revolutionary action done by our brothers. And not to forget to mention, the fugitive member of Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell, K, who is still underground and hunted by power.
But in essence, our action will be dedicated to all the rebels and revolutionaries who never step back, eating their words, and who never want to wash their hands by the sale of another revolutionary name to protect their comfort zones.
We want to call our sisters and brothers in arms from all the cells of FAI-IRF to refresh our revolutionary memories. That until today, we haven’t forgotten and will never forget our sisters and brothers who are kidnapped and seized behind bars by the state. Eat and Billy are only a small piece in a wave of repression that always faced the rise of insurrectionary desires around the circles of FAI-IRF. Action always speaks louder than words.
For one week, starting from today, we want to send our revolutionary greetings for Eat and Billy and other rebels (proud and revolutionary members of CCF and Revolutionary Struggle, Luciano Tortuga Pitronello, Mario Tripa Lopez, Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Theofilos Mavropoulos, Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, Marcelo, Juan and Fredy, Ivan Silva and Carla Verdugo, anarchist prisoners of operations in Italia and many more of revolutionary names) that must be remember and mention in our heart through action.
See you in the street, covering by the night through the fires against power and society.
For anarchy
For Black International
For our sisters and brothers
International Conspiracy for Revenge
Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front
FAI Indonesian Section
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First release of Black International Editions: “Mapping the Fire” – International Words of Solidarity with the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF)


Update: Statement of the nine members of the R.O. Conspiracy of-Cells of Fire and Theofilos Mavropoulos in the first session of the new CCF case trial
PDF: English & Spanish versions (Click “Save As” to download)
“This pamphlet is a meeting point of comrades from all over the world. An imaginary meeting since the walls and bars of the prisons where we are temporarily keep our bodies hostage. But our meanings remain free, escape from the cells of prison and are expressed with words continuing to provoke authority.
Words that still smell of fire and gunpowder, words which carry with them all of our hate for the system, words unrepentant and armed, words which transfer stresses and desires, words which break the isolation of prison, words full of passion for the mutiny we want to continue, words from Chile, Mexico, America, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Indonesia…
The letters sent to us by the hostage comrades, replying thus to the international call of solidarity of the CCF is not just mail between prisoners.
Our plan for a Black International of imprisoned anarchists, is not simply “a nice theory” which begins and ends inside printed words. It is the deposit of memory which exists, in a move forward.
A memory which does not always count its moments with common terms and common reference points. By reading this pamphlet someone can discover an international galaxy of points of views and positions with comrades whose references speak of the class war and the proletariat and others who speak of nihilism and anti-socialism.
This difference for us is not a contradiction. On the contrary it reveals the invisible line which connects all forms of anarchy and dispute into an international revolutionary front which has as its aim to destroy every form of authority.” Conspiracy of Cells of Fire : Imprisoned Members Cell (Excerpt from the Introduction)
Today in Greece, October 8th, a trial for the case of the Revolutionary Organisation – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire will take place in a specially converted room in the female prisons of Korydallos prisons. The trial concerns the arrests in Volos and the arrests on December 4th, the sending of the 14 incendiary anti-system parcels and the clash in Pefki, 17 comrades are on trial. There will be a solidarity demonstration at the courthouse of the female prisons of Korydallos on this day at 9am.
This publication, the first from Black International Editions, is released online and in paper format from three countries – Greece, Chile and United Kingdom, as an act of solidarity and confrontation to this court process against the CCF and their co-accused. The words of the anarchist prisoners who have responded to the international solidarity call of the CCF meet with the statements of the groups of the international network for counter-information and translation. Together with the armed words of the CCF, a new international revolutionary front is drawn out, this new publication maps the fire that has been spreading across oceans into many territories. In the words of Eat, imprisoned member of Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell, FAI Indonesia:
“We are the new chaotic virus, the ghost of freedom, the uncontrollable international plague of revolt.”
For Greek language version, you can find this publication on paper at various self-organised spaces in Exarchia, Athens, Greece, or email sal.spf(at) for copies.
In Santiago, Chile, find it at Biblioteca La Hiedra or via Entropia Ediciones in a Spanish language version.
In UK, find it at anarchist spaces, like Kebele in Bristol, or 56a Infoshop in London.
The email for contact with the imprisoned CCF members has moved to’s mail server. From now on, you can communicate at sinomosiapf(at)
For the destruction of the existent…

Mapeando el Fuego
Casi un año ha pasado desde que la Conspiración de las Células del Fuego lanzara una propuesta internacional para la edición de un cuadernillo. Cuadernillo que se transformó en un libro de casi 200 páginas.
Hoy comenzará un nuevo juicio contra la Conspiración. Esta vez será un juicio mucho más grande que probablemente dure dos años, y a partir de ahora, todxs lxs compas enfrentarán juntxs un mismo juicio. Además, también estará como imputado Konstantino Papadopoulos (“Kostas”), quien fue arrestado en la última redada contra el grupo (14 de marzo), pero que no está en prisión. Por otra parte, el juicio también involucra a Theófilos y otrxs 4 compas. Por ésta nueva acusación hay dos compas que han debido comenzar sus propios periodos de clandestinidad: Dimitris Politis y Giannis Mihailidis.
El juicio será en contra de 17 compañerxs y tiene de todo. A pesar de la acusación de “pertenencia a grupo terrorista”, habrá un nuevo juicio el 4 de diciembre en Volos (Pefki) por el asunto de los paquetes bomba. Lxs abogadxs creen que en el proceso se incorporarán los 250 ataques de la Conspiración. De ser así, dos personas más serían involucradas en toda esta maraña judicial. Los cargos aquí serían por infracción a la Ley Antiterrorista Griega: participación en organización terrorista, posesión de armas y explosivos, amenaza contra la vida y la propiedad, subversión, amenazas a la democracia, etc.
Los 250 ataques de la Conspiración se irán a juicio sólo por ser reivindicados por ella. De hecho, no existe ninguna prueba concreta que conecte a lxs compas con los ataques. En otras palabras, están presxs y serán condenadxs sólo por declararse miembrxs orgullosxs del grupo.
Además, si no se logra establecer nexos entre ataques y perpetradorxs (ni siquiera por insinuación o suposiciones), se les acusaría de instigar los ataques. En Grecia, hacer o instigar un ataque terrorista conlleva la misma condena.
Por esto no puede haber un mejor y más fuerte discurso de defensa que su voz compañerxs. Es de sus expresiones de solidaridad y tras ataques realizados por grupos anarquistas de acción directa, desde dónde lxs compañerxs de la Conspiración toman el valor de mirar directamente a los ojos de quienes les persiguen. Es algo que seguramente también han sentido todxs quienes enviaron sus cartas para este libro, encarceladxs en otros países y pagando el mismo precio por nuestra pasión común por la libertad.
En concreto, lo que editamos, a la vista del juicio, es un folleto con su contenido, siendo de sus palabras solidarias internacionales con el caso de la CCF.
Aportes desde Bulgaria, Alemania, Suiza, Chile, Italia, México, España, Grecia, Rusia, Argentina y Reino Unido, han sido recopilados. Han escrito presxs, procesadxs, grupos de acción, colectivos de contrainformación, editoriales e individualidades varias.
Este libro habla de la solidaridad. Este libro es solidaridad.
¡Acción directa!
Internacional Negra Ediciones
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C.C.F. TRIAL UPDATES (second Halandri case trial) -Athens


C.C.F. TRIAL UPDATES (second Halandri case trial) -Athens


Sentences announced in 2nd Halandri Case trial

On Tuesday, October 2, the sentences were announced in the second trial of the Fire Cells Conspiracy Revolutionary Organization. The trial began in December 2011 and dealt with three bombings carried out by the Fire Cells Conspiracy in 2009: at the apartment of former Interior Vice-Minister Panayiotis Hinofotis, at the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, and at the apartment shared by politicians Gerasimos Arsenis and Louka Katseli.

Recall that since September 7, when Conspiracy comrades Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, and Michalis Nikolopoulos walked out of the trial (Christos Tsakalos had already done so earlier) and fired their attorneys, none of the accused comrades have appeared at subsequent sessions.

The judges, as expected, twice assigned the comrades court-appointed attorneys. But the comrades rejected those attorneys, refusing to be represented by them. The comrades therefore received notice that the trial would continue “as if they were in attendance,” which in fact meant “without their attendance,” and the October 2 session went ahead as such.

Bolano and the Nikolopoulos brothers were each sentenced to seven years in prison for “participation in a terrorist organization,” ten years for each of the four acts of “fabrication, supply, and possession of explosives,” and seven years for each of the the three “instigations of simple collaboration in explosions caused by unknown perpetrators, which caused a danger to people and property.” The total sentence for each of the three comrades is therefore 68 years in prison, with the so-called “combined sentence” being 34 years, out of which 25 years must be served (because there is no life sentence in Greece).

Tsakalos was sentenced to seven years for “participation in a terrorist organization,” and he released the following statement:

Statement by Christos Tsakalos Regarding the Fire Cells Conspiracy Trial

Yesterday, while I was sitting down to a chat with my comrades here at Korydallos Prison where I’m locked up, I found out about the sentence the courts imposed on me for the Halandri Case.

It was the finale of a judicial-police performance that ended without our attendance, because weeks ago we had already distanced ourselves from the trial—offending its laws, insulting its power, spitting on its justice, and rejecting its attenuating circumstances.

I had hardly learned of the sentences when some comradely “ribbing” began. The reason is simple. The courts and their puppets separated our sentences, condemning each of my three comrades to 34 years in prison while inflicting a mere seven years on me!

The judicial clergy naturally gave me a “soft” sentence, not because—despite their burning desire—the Antiterrorist Unit was unable to link me to the Halandri Case, but because of the certainty of a more serious sentence of many years that they’re reserving for me in the upcoming trials. Everyone knows that my name is in all the accusatory briefs concerning the Fire Cells Conspiracy (and of course some of them attribute the role of “leader” to me, thereby surpassing the limits of ridiculousness), while the Italian authorities have also initiated criminal proceedings against me.

But the empty eloquence of legal verbiage has never meant anything to me, nor has the democratic discourse of justice, with its presumptions of innocence and its evidentiary proof.

I continue to be an enemy of the black plague of justice and its functionaries.

Therefore, when the first arrest warrants for the Fire Cells Conspiracy were issued four winters ago, I didn’t hesitate for a single moment. The newspapers and television were portraying me as the “head” and “founder” of the Fire Cells Conspiracy, but the Antiterrorist Unit couldn’t find the evidence to issue a warrant for me.
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New C.C.F. trial, together with other cases, starts on 8/10/12 – information and constant updates in English



Translated by Acforfreedomnow/boubourAs




On October 8th one more court martial begins in Koridallos prisons, at the expense of the persecuted comrades for the Revolutionary Organization Conspiracy Cells of Fire, whether they have taken the political responsibility of their participation in it or they refuse any connection.

1 trial

4 Cases (Volos arrests, Pefki arrest, Parcel Bombs, December 4th arrests),

17 Accused,

13 Imprisoned comrades

9 Members of the CCF: Damiano Bolano, Panagiotis Argirou, Mihalis Nikolopoulos, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Christos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoras, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Olga Economidou

8 Persecuted: Theofilos Mavropoulos, Dinos Papadopoulos, Stella Antoniou, Alexandros Mitrousias, Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis,

2 of which are wanted: Giannis Mihailidis, Dimitris Politis

The dogma of “Zero tolerance” applied the last years seems decided to exterminate the internal enemy by all means, and even more amidst an economic and systemic crisis. Whether it aims at the members of the R.O. CCF, who are persecuted for their actions as well as their speech which factually insults the “invincible” façade of the “almighty” state (e.g. a bomb at the parliament, at Koridallos prisons, at the offices of the Golden Dawn, at the courts of Athens etc.). Or when it aims at the persecuted anarchists who remain imprisoned for the same case making it obvious that all social resistances will be violently persecuted, let alone anarchist action and theory. The road of resistance to capitalist barbarity,

The road of the struggle for freedom, goes through solidarity to those who first walked it.

It leaves no one alone, it leaves no one behind.



Friday 5/10  7.30pm  PROPYLEA – ATHENS

Call for gathering at the Courthouse at the female prisons of Koridallos on Monday 8/10 at 9am

Assembly for solidarity to the CCF and to all those persecuted for the same case/comrades


 New C.C.F. trial, together with other cases, Session 1, Monday 8/10/2012 – Athens

Translated by Act for freedom now!/boubourAs

First day of the terror-trial at the female section of Koridallos prisons, with the three separate cases and 19 accused. The nine imprisoned comrades members of the CCF and T.Mavropoulos, who appeared today left the court room immediately after Olga Economidou read out a statement by the organization.

The statement:

“Before your court-martial begins, I would like to make a statement by the members of the CCF. We are hostages of the greek state and we clarify that we do not recognize any authority, let alone the juridical and of course none of your laws. The fact that we are hostages of war does not mean we have surrendered, that we have regretted.

We remain proud for our organization. Each action of the conspiracy, every word we wrote in our communiques is and will remain an unrepentant part of each one of us. The CCF is the path of the new urban guerilla, it is a part of a widened global conspiracy against the constitutions and the ethics of society which enslaves the human for centuries now.

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