Responsibility claim for arson attacks from Revolutionary Groups for the Dispersion of Terror /Conspiracy Cells of Fire on 10/10 and 12/10-12 Athens -Greece

Act for freedom now!/ we receives and transmits:

Translated by the imprisoned members of Conspiracy of  Cells οf  fire


Responsibility claim for arson attacks

Much time has passed between yesterday and today but more on this unfortunate yet noble land, fertilized by an assortment of swollen corpses and blood; barren, no perfect virgin flower crafted from spirituality and purity germinates today.
The modern capitalist realm, with its many negatives, gives one real advantage: every day it gives birth to dozens  of new reasons for acting against it, to destabilize its infrastructures and hit its foundations aiming at its final collapse. Boredom, alienation, depression, poverty, misery …: all aspects of the same reality. The same boring daily repetition that erodes individuality  and turns human relationships into something secondary, something much less important than the “opportunities” provided to climb to the highest levels of economic and social hierarchy.
Speaking for those who may not be doing so well in rising above the afore-mentioned hierarchy, we should first grapple with the modern slave. His characteristics are the fake smile,  threadbare ideals and voluntary submission. He is the average person in the era of capitalist dominion. The modern masses are composed of empty personalities that are  trying to gloss the instability of their existence with artificial materialist needs. This befuddled majority does not do anything other than engage in “carrot hunting.” Everyone is willing to step over corpses with the sole purpose of acquiring  social prestige. Equipped only with self-interest and looking after their own skins, they choose to commit themselves to building  a successful career, waiting – and in many cases even asking – for the state to maintain peace, order and security. There is also the mob, the “sediment”, the downtrodden, the damned and the marginals. Without the low social class being necessarily a common feature of the above, poverty forces them either into apathy and navel-gazing or delinquency.
 Finally, we have “people who struggle” that take part in various political apparatuses and are employed, almost exclusively, in increasing the number of their followers. While being consumed in politicking events, they forget to be even slightly dangerous to the existing political and economic model. They end up being no different at all from the politicians of the system in parliament. Bear in mind that combativeness is not deterministically a product of social and economic circumstances as some anarcho-fathers rush to highlight repeatedly. Instead, it is mostly a matter of personal choice. We, the delinquent, do not perceive the meaning of class as a unitary and indivisible social body which owes its consistency to some internal financial interest. What connects the fighters, the insubordinates, the unintegrated – ie our class unity –  the dignity of each one of us and the comradeship between us.
We are the unruly ones that are constantly walking among the undisturbed.
After decades of the progress of capitalism to shape the social model that we have described, an explosive environment consisting of a fertile ground from the underlying instability of the “order of things” has now been established. We have countless thoughts about this. But as anarchists of praxis we prefer to express ourselves through our actions. We’re the ones who attacked the supermarket chain AB Vassilopoulos at the junction of Laodikias and Nymphaeus street with incendiary devices on Wednesday 10/10 and the branch of the postbank at the junction of Panormou and Achaia Street on Friday 12/10. We are the ones who day and night walk around the streets looking for vibrant life. With our actions we seek the disintegration of public life, the overthrow of all social relationships. Our revolutionary appetite is our life. We are urban guerrillas because fire seduces us. We do not hesitate to live beyond the limit of the laws of the state and society. Relentlessly aggressive, we are the dynamic for a different reality.
 Our target is everything that becomes an obstacle in our desire to live free. We want to beat the cops that are patrolling the city and burn (again) their cars (their police cars and their private ones). To burgle and [?blow up] the house of the politician, the journalist, the bank manager and the supporting staff inside it. We want to break the bones of the fascist from the assault battalions. To burn the malls and supermarkets. To attack any company associated with the construction, maintenance and manning of the “immigrants’ reception centers”, of the white cells (at Korydallos or elsewhere) and prisons generally. To blow up any public service. At the next march we want to wear balaclavas  and riot, write slogans on the walls. Most of all, though, we will not rest until we tear out the guts of every guard of humans with our own hands and tear down the last wall that imprisons our brothers and sisters anywhere in the world.
The war we have chosen does not begin or end in the “battlefield”, at the moment of impact. Our goal  is erosion, our allie chaos. Our enemy the disposal of control, hetero-definition and condescension. The only reason for retreating is the choice of a different time and space to attack. This means hundreds of multiple ways until the elimination of subservience. The things we are pursuing make us who we are. We arm fire and the axe with words and, before a world of a revolutionary pleasure, the only thing to lose is boredom


We wholeheartedly salute the mates from the Insurrectional Cell Mariano Sanchez Añon (CI-MSA), the Wolfpack in Russia, and the Cholera Cell as well as the Cell of Conspirators for the Extension of Chaos in Buenos Aires. We hope to hearing from you soon!
We raise our fist to each one imprisoned in the cells of democracy that is present, faithful to his word and revolutionary self-determination. Not a single day passes without thinking of you.
Always determined to move against all those who want to see us chained and muzzled. We are dangerous because we are flexible.
International Revolutionary Front
Conspiracy Cells of Fire
Revolutionary Groups for the Dispersion of Terror
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