C.C.F. trial update, Sessions 6,7, and 8.

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 Sessions 6 and 7, on Monday 5/11 and 12/11 respectively, did not take place because of the strike from the lawyers.
Session 8, Monday, 19/11/12.
Before the session began, Gerasimos Tsakalos read out the following announcement of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire:
“Because silence is not gold and often it carries with it confusion, we want to clarify something as anarchist urban guerillas who participate in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. We do not intend to speak or excuse our actions to marionettes of the system which hide their cowardliness behind their juridical axiom.
You judge in the name of the law and we act in the name of our anarchist conscience. You chose as your truth a society whose memorials are prisons, banks police stations, ministries and courts and we a world of dignity, free conscience, anarchist insurrection and genuine meanings and desires.
There are no margins for comparison, or dialogue. There is only the armed clash between the inquisitors and courtiers of the existing society and its deniers. Just like Prometheas, we steal the fire of your empire and with audacity and impudence we unleash it against you so it can torch all the idols of authority you represent. We will not act in your little play neither do we fit in your legal frames.
The pages of your indictment seem very small to fit the and describe the size of the attack we want to unleash against the regime of democracy and the society of its subjugated. Keep plenty of pages empty in the indictments and charges because the struggle has not finished, neither will we as a Conspiracy ever surrender our weapons. There are still desires which were not imprisoned, eyes which did not fear the enemy, mouths which did not speak the language of compromise, heads which did not bow towards the empire of authority…
No sentence and no prison will make us change our choice. The choice of constant attack remains until the end… As for our presence in court, we refuse to appear as disciplined and subdued accused who await the decision of their judges.
We don’t care what you say and we cannot even see you… Because however in this trial, other people are accused who had, and neither could have had any relation with the C.C.F., in every session some comrades of us will be here to interrupt the slightest possibility of confusion which could be created…
This is why, at this point we stress to all, friends and enemies, lawyers and accusers, to limit themselves to the legal sector which is attributed to them and there should be no reference to the C.C.F. The only people who can speak about the C.C.F. are us and the anarchists of praxis who have felt the breathe of the insurrected fire warming their covered faces, as they walk against their time, against the path of the mass…
Conspiracy Cells of Fire”
Immediately after comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos made the following statement:
“All decisions, when about freedom, close death inside them. We, through this death must win life. A deep breath for the journey with no end
In Pefki there was an armed clash between two anarchists and the forces of the police.
Its two dogs, Leontopoulos and Drosos tried to arrest me and my comrade. Our answer was the refusal of surrender through armed resistance aiming at retaining our freedom, which we highly appreciate as anarchists.
The result is known, my comrade escaped by stealing the cop car and I was arrested while injured. Together with me were injured both cops which I shot first managing to surprise them. No doubt, if the cops died and me and my comrade were unharmed, we would have left.
Irrelevantly from the fact that my operational priority was disengagement and escape, it would be my honour if at the same time I had the blood of the two cops on my hands, not only because they tried to arrest me, but simply because they are cops.
Every cop as an immediate carrier of authority, for whatever reason they became a cop, is a live target for an anarchist armed revolutionary. Politicians, mega-journalists and mega-businessmen, snitches, fascists, representatives of the cloth, correctional officers and of course you the judges, as well as every other pillar or lackey of the system, are always in the target of the urban guerillas.
The generalized attack against the existing, of course, becomes more complete when all means are used. Stones and molotov, fly-posting and flyers, slogans, texts, demonstrations and p.a. Sound system gatherings, bombs and bullets.
In the frames of the multiform anarchist action and specifically those of armed struggle, I also had the honour to meet the nihilist urban guerillas of the Anarchist Revolutionary Organization C.C.F. In the houses in Volos and Kallithea, I was not present loosely as a comrade.
I was a factual part of the intriguing against the rotten world of authority. I had consciously made my passage through to revolutionary clandestinity together with other comrades unknown to you, as well as with the wanted brothers Giannis Mihailidis and Dimitris Politis.
Target of each one was to spread anarchy to today at the expense of authoritative society. This target remains a continuous bet even for all those of us who are in prison, since we are unrepentant for our choices and the battles we gave and give as anarchists of praxis.
Because we got sick of the routine, the inhibitions and the cheap way of life they are trying to serve us. Because we got disgusted with the perceptions of subordination, ass kissing, snitching and the hunt for social and economic advancing.
Because we hated every authoritative worm that wants to steal our lives and finally because we wanted to take our lives into our own hands in the here and now and we declared the anarchist war.
Through this war we discover ourselves every day, together with the anarchist thoughts we create and open new prospects of attack.
 We fight against the existing because that’s the only way we exist. The clash at Pefki began as an random identity check and concluded with an, not at all random, battle of free people with the forces of order, anarchy with authority, and more proof that the “almighty enemy” has flesh and bones and is mortal.
It was a battle, a conscious choice for which I am proud and sure that if I could go back in time I would do it again. Besides, the most powerful weapon for a insubordinate anarchist of action is non other than their conscience. For the battles given and that will be given.
Until the complete destruction of the existing and the structure of anarchy, the war continues…”
After these statements, the members of the C.C.F. and Theofilos Mavropoulos left the room and only two members remained to overlook the procedure, as they just explained in their statement. The procedure began with the chairwoman asking questions and asking the “accused” to make statements concerning the indictment.
The members of the Conspiracy refused to speak, without exercising the right to remain silent, but without recognizing the procedure as they have mentioned in the past. Followed the matter of joint trying the three cases (in this trial the comrades are cited with three different indictments).
All the lawyers were for the demand except for the two people who are accused of misdemeanours irrelevantly to the Conspiracy. The prosecutor agreed on the matter and asked for the two cases of misdemeanours to be cut and brought to a responsible court.
The trial continued with a verbal information of the objections that will follow from the side of the advocates while after that the chairwoman announced the schedule for the next sessions and adjourned until Friday 23/11.
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